Visual, non-verbal, abstract and playful.

In our shows you are offered drawing, digital art, music, movement and dance, puppets, masques and shadows combined on the stage. A picture starts moving and “tells” a visual story. We focus on poetic, actual and environmental topics and try to inspire viewers and contribute to education.

Wood Wide Web

A dreamy look into the nano world below the forest floor.

Little Suzanne’s discovery of the invisible world of tree roots and fungi comes alive through visual theatre, with live painting, shadow play and music .

After an incident in the woods, Suzanne becomes fascinated by colorful soil and tree roots that intertwine. Through 20 years of research, she proves that trees communicate through their roots.

The forest is a cooperative system. Not only can plants share sugar and water with each other; they actually recognize their relatives, and support them selectively and directly.

Mother trees are central to this system. They live in symbiosis with the mushrooms, who act as their postmen, warehouse workers, and miners. They work together to maintain balance in forest. If we understand their social system—remarkably reminiscent of our internet—we can take better care of our forests.

This performance is intended to stimulate discussions between children and their families and schools. We found inspiration in a book by Peter Wohlleben—and in Suzanne Simard’s work.



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This performance is available on demand for schools, kindergartens or other groups of children. In case of intereset, contact us at


Performed by: Michaela Bartoňová and Ralf Lücke

Written and directed by: Michaela Bartoňová and Mark Pitman

Music: Michal Kořán and Ralf Lücke

To Somewhere Else

The performance has been loosely inspired by historical situation of 1737, a harsh journey of exiles from Moravia and Bohemia to Berlin – Rixdorf. We chose a form that feels natural to us – a visual emotional message with live music and two actors/dancers in front of a large screen with live drawing projected on to it in real time.

hen working on the play, we strive to employ our own experience, life situations, emotions that have left a trace and we pass them on.

The performance was part of an opening of Czech-German Cultural Spring 2017 in Regions. Czech-German Cultural Spring 2017 is a cross-border cultural initiative of Prague Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Prague Goethe Institute, Czech-German Future Fund and Czech Centres in Berlin and Munich in association with Czech Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs.



No upcoming performances.


Performed by: Michaela Bartoňová, Dagmar Spain, Ralf Lücke, Jan Šikl, Roman Zabelov

Written and directed by: Azadeh Kangarani, Michaela Bartoňová

Choreography: Dagmar Spain, Ralf Lücke

Music: Jan Šikl, Roman Zabelov

Drawing in Motion

Michaela Bartoňová makes magic happen on her iPad and consequently also on a large shining screen accompanied in unison with the sharp graphic movements of a shadow of Ralf Lücke, an actor and mime. He plays with projections on his body and holds a conversation with the picture. The technical abilities of iPad make universe, cave, city and creatures appear easily on the stage, then suddenly erased, deformed, and become a bizarre beauty. Nothing stays as it is.

Fascinated by visual riddles you remain glued to the story. It is just as in a dream but at the same time the relationship between men and animals is addressed.

For more information see the official Drawing in Motion website.



No upcoming performances.


Performed by: Michaela Bartoňová, Ralf Lücke

Written by: Michaela Bartoňová

Directed by: Mark Pitman

Choreography: Tereza Indráková

Music: Ralf Lücke

My Little Eye Pet

A drawn interactive performance on iPad with visual riddles for the youngest children from 3 years of age up. An original live drawing about everything that is born from an egg – butterflies, moths, turtles and snakes, mammals and fish and even fantasy animals.

The drawing communicates with children, the music brings about the ambience and the actor with a masque on or with a puppet cues the children’s imagination. The show makes an impression of a digital magic. Children love to watch live drawing and the inspiration serves as an impulse for them to create. And that is also our goal.

Touch iPad becomes a toy for the youngest ones and serves as an excellent educational tool that the children enjoy.

Suitable for families as well as for schools and pre-schools. Duration – 40 minutes.




Performed by: Michaela Bartoňová, Ralf Lücke

Written and directed by: Michaela Bartoňová, Azadeh Kangarani

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