Crossroads of artistic genres: digital art, painting, music, movement, puppets, masks and shadows.


Wood Wide Web

A dreamy look into the nano world below the forest floor.

To Somewhere Else

Images of a harsh journey to exile

Big and Small Worlds

Cosmos and invisible worlds

My Little Eye Pet

A poetic biology class for the youngest audience

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We are an informal association of people interested in enriching and developing imagination through our work and inspiring others on the paths of their choice. Creativity may and should be used in all spheres of human activities and should be a natural part of education. That is why we incorporate digital tools into classical theatrical forms we respect, and combine genres that have originally been separate.

This is not done for effect, the most important element still remains the message, we are only looking for new forms of expression. We play, get exhausted, work hard but are happy when someone wants us.

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If you are interested in and enjoy non-traditional theatrical forms: visual, non-verbal, poetic, digital, playful or serious with live drawing on stage, please contact us at:

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